Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Opening the Lunch Box

London is a great place to work. Well I like it anyway and if you can avoid the tourists, the trolley-bags on wheels, the tourists, the traffic, the tourists, the tube strikes, the tourists, the trip hazards and the tourists it's still one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

That said, the problem with slogging through a 9 to 5 every day is that you tend to travel to the office, do your work (a bit) and then travel back from the office. Head down, eyes front and if your journey is also underground, then you can miss the interesting sights and sounds that are all around.

And that's 'cause it's a fact that whilst you might also not be ever more than 6 foot away from a rat in London, you're also probably a shorter distance away from something historic or at the very least interesting.

New Year's resolutions 2014 have decreed that this year (at the very least) I should make a regular attempt to try to leave the office at lunch and "see" something that's slightly more interesting than a computer screen.

The "rules" are simple; the "thing" should be free to visit, be visitable in an hours lunch break, be vaguely interesting and, if possible, be something of a hidden gem.

It would be far far too easy to choose the common tourist attractions, say Trafalgar Square, and walk around this chewing a cheese and tomato baguette, photographing the pigeons and nodding about how interesting this all is. What's far far better is to discover those little things which are little known about and even if they are known about, nobody visits them on their once a year trip to the big smoke.

So dig out your greaseproof paper, pick up a penguin and lick you lips for a more interesting lunch time.

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